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IAmCaplan Gets a Facelift

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

And not a moment too soon. Well, I have been talking about doing this for way to long and at last I have it finished…or at least I have come close as I am going to get. Since the minute I launched the IAmCaplan version 2.0, I have been talking about wanting to redesign my site. Well now I have. God only knows when it will happen again, but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I guess what they say is true, I truly am my worst client. I had all sorts of delays due to bugs and arduous process of redeveloping my content.

Anyway, I tip my hat to the old IAmCaplan and say hello IAmCaplan version 3.0. Seeing as the the site is brand squeaky new, there may be a few little bugs or glitches here and there. If you see anything, let me know so that I can polish it up. The new IAmCaplan comes loaded with all sorts of fun new features including: a much more contemporary design, custom jQuery, social media, some fun resources, all new content (including a case study-esque portfolio style), some new works and of course the blog is back! Oh yeah, I also stopped supporting IE6 (rest in peace old…er…friend?!?).

I hope that you enjoy the new site and I look forward to your feed back. :-)

Incase you did not want the iPad before…

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Okay, so maybe I’m lusting after the super sick over sized iPhone, but common, tell me that that is not cool! Legality and death trap aside (I can only imagine first time driving teenagers around the world surfing the web while driving–texting and driving in overdrive), an iPad car dashboard console?!?! While this has the potential to be extremely abused, it also has the potential to be very awesome, especially with the new GPS enabled iPad 3G. Why does technology always have to look so good?