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Google in Your Pocket!

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

If you have seen me around town lately, aside from barely making out the blur as I wiz from one place to he next as I am pulled in 500 different directions at once, you have most likely heard me mention “Google in your pocket”. Want to know what time that movie is? Google in your pocket! Want to know turn by turn directions to that party? …Google in your pocket. Much of this craze was spurred on by a hilarious comedian—Pete Holems (seen left).

What really blew my mind though was the release of Google Wallet this week. Sure, it may sound more like a Google party in your pants, but is it?!? (more…)

Go Google Yourself

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Google IconI am sure that most of you have Google-ed yourself before. If you haven’t, you should! Many of you are probably also familiar with Google’s Image search. You may have even been so bold as to Google Image Search yourself. In case you haven’t noticed though, Google, those sly dogs, have come up with a new Google images search feature where you can upload an actual image file and search based off of that (crazy talk)! So then, what happens if I Google Image search myself by uploading an image of myself? (more…)