Google in Your Pocket!

If you have seen me around town lately, aside from barely making out the blur as I wiz from one place to he next as I am pulled in 500 different directions at once, you have most likely heard me mention “Google in your pocket”. Want to know what time that movie is? Google in your pocket! Want to know turn by turn directions to that party? …Google in your pocket. Much of this craze was spurred on by a hilarious comedian—Pete Holems (seen left).

What really blew my mind though was the release of Google Wallet this week. Sure, it may sound more like a Google party in your pants, but is it?!?

Google Wallet is a cell phone app that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow a cell phone user to make credit card purchase with the tap of a phone. We have already seen technology that allows you to store bar codes for things like coupons, group cards and promotional codes using your smart phones (key ring, the coupons app, etc), so of course Google has amped this up a bit and tacked it onto their Google Wallet app for the full “wallet” experience. Currently this cell phone app is only available for the Nexus S 4G by Google (sold by Sprint). I am not so sure that I am all torn up about that either, I mean do you really want to be an early adopter of a technology like this one…? Either way Google Wallet is a really cool technology and I can see it being the wave of the future. Check out the demo video below:

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