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Code Racer, Vroooooooom!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Code Racer

Web development can often be a daunting concept and the idea of “coding” an intimidating adversary. The team over at Treehouse has come up with a really cool game called Code Racer that makes coding and learning to code fun! This multi-player game is a really neat idea and I know that I will be telling my dev students about it! (more…)

Meme You Say?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

The classic Leeroy Jenkins clip from WOW and many other hilariously fabulous ways to waste your time can be found by the ever so bored and idle though out offices world wide by visiting fun websites like YouTube, assuming that “big brother” has not restricted your access to such amazing sites… These types of clips, also famously noted “Leave Brittney Alone, Surprised Kitty and Double Rainbow, have come to be know as “meme’s” (pronounced like beam only with an m). A meme has thus come to be a concept that spreads swiftly through the internet. Despite that loose definition, a meme really has to be a viral concept which people can apply to different areas, otherwise it is just a viral clip/concept…


Now That is a Good Looking Toy…

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Me as a Toy Story Character

This may make me a total dork, but I was teaching an intro to the web and HTML class last night and we were discussing interesting or cool websites, when I stumbled onto the Toy Story 3 Website. It is pretty fun, not going to lie. Sure the idea has already been done, a la create your own Simpson’s character or create your own m&m character, but this one is still rather fun and very well designed. Check it out and have a look: By the way the stud above is what my class thinks I should look like as a Toy Story character… Enjoy!