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Code Racer, Vroooooooom!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Code Racer

Web development can often be a daunting concept and the idea of “coding” an intimidating adversary. The team over at Treehouse has come up with a really cool game called Code Racer that makes coding and learning to code fun! This multi-player game is a really neat idea and I know that I will be telling my dev students about it! (more…)

Now Those Are Pancakes!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Pancake Toilet

I came across this Blog the other day and just had to share: Jim’s Pancakes. While these may not be the Mona Lisa (though if suggested I am sure he would give the mysterious woman a go), Jim does a wonderful job making weekend pancakes magical for his little daughter. Many of the images on his blog are whimsical and fun. I found myself smiling on more then one occasion. The only concern that I have is that some of these work of culinary art are rater erect and as such must be rather crispy…Crisp pancakes? I always think of fluffy soft pancakes, but then again mine are not pretty or creative like these. Never the less, makes me hungry :-D