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Project Runway Bitches!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Another season of Project Runway has come to an end :_( The season was super intense and there were some incredible pieces produced due to a lot of incredible talent. But Seth-Aaron won, woot! He was strong, consistent and very fashion forward the whole way through, so I am super pumped (I’m sure you can’t guess who I was rooting for). Sure Emilio had some stunning pieces, and his final line was filled with an explosion of brilliant coats and stylish outfits, but I think that the judges hit the nail on the head with their final crit of his work…it was just too commercial and did not push the envelope far enough.

Anyway, I have always take a Tim Gunn approach to my teaching, but what about if I try to handle crit more like Michael Kors? Check out this clip of the best of Micheal Kors from Kors is super funny and MAN am I glad that I dont have to show him my work! Can’t Wait for next season.