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Drupal 7!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Three years with the efforts of an estimated 1000 developers and behold, Drupal 7! Taking a look in the box, Drupal 7 is much more user friendly then its predecessors and is rumored to head further in the WordPress direction in Drupal 8. Easier is the theme of this upgrade. Adding content, creating custom structures, carrying out daily tasks and (this one is huge in my book) teaching clients to use it has never been easier. Check it out!

New TLD Ending Available?!?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Miss out on that .com name that you always wanted. Now there is similar but shorter option to consider, .co. Formerly limited to Colombian websites, ICANN in conjunction with the .CO Internet S.A.S. released access to the .co suffix to the general public on July 20, 2010. Purchase of these domains is significantly limited to a handful of hosting companies including, and Network Solutions.


Cufon, a god send!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

So for any of you developers out there who have been living under a rock like (like myself until a few months ago) there is this incredible JavaScript plug-in caller Cufon. Cufon allows you to render any font you want on your web page without having to convert everything to images and thus worry about SEO issues. The best part is super that it is easy to install! Really it is a simple five step install, which goes a little something like this:


IE Cracked: Stick it to the Browser

Monday, August 16th, 2010

In the past I have written a few articles about some of the Internet Explore (IE) bugs and how to fix or work around them. Due to the success of these articles, and the largely expressed interest in knowing more, I have decided to start a series of articles entitled “IE Cracked” where I will dive into a few more of the specific problems commonly seen in IE and explain how to address them.

I hope to cover as many of the usual suspects as possible, but should there be a particular one that proves especially tricky or that I miss, feel free to shoot me an email and as I am more then happy to help or blog by request.

So keep an eye out for the many posts soon to come! Until then, down with IE! x-P

The future of web typography, thank you google!!!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

As I am sure you are aware, the issue of “web safe” fonts is a web designers nightmare. Dulling down designs due to the lack of cross computer consistency in font libraries greatly limits designers and thus design on the web. To this point the main work around for this has been creating images of type and then using some sort of complex code to allow a browser to still see the contents of that typography-a rather silly practice, when type should not need to be re-written in order to be read (by man or machine..). These techniques I detailed in an older posting which you can read about here: Images to Replace Text. But there is an easier way!!!