All I Want For Chrismukkah is IE 6 to Go Away :-(

Down with IE!!! Internet Explorer (IE) is the bane of every developer’s existence. I am sure that I have wasted at least a year of my life in aggregate of the time that I have spent debugging and fighting with one version or another of IE. Despite my hopes of IE6’s quick but painful death, the W3CSchool’s statics on IE, and even Microsoft launch of IE6 countdown (a push to wean the world off the crack that is IE6), the browser still has a whopping 8.3% strangle hold on the world’s population’s portal to the information super highway… :_(

Is it thus so much to ask for Chrismukkah this year that IE6 just die already?!? Well maybe someone is listening… Or maybe Bill Gates is Santa?!? Because it is as if my letters and pleas for an IE6-free Chrismukkah this yeah went straight to the Microsoft founders desk as yesterday on the Internet Explorer Blog a bomb was dropped. Microsoft posted: “IE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7“! Hazzah!! Not only does this mean down with IE6, but say good by to IE 7 and IE 8 as well. w00t! The only downside here is that users still need to turn on Automatic Updating, but I am not going to let that kill this IE6-free buzz. Happy holidays :-)

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  1. OpalCat says:

    I, too, am thrilled by this news. I gave up long ago trying to fix things that IE6 displayed wrong. Call it lazy, but damnit, THEY were the ones in the wrong! My code was RIGHT! It will be good to see it finally go away. I imagine most people have automatic updating on since I think that’s the default, isn’t it?

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