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Must See Sites and Awesome Resources

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

ToolsOver the past month or so I have been uber swamped and as a result my blogging has fallen to the wayside. Of course time and the internet waits for no man, so there have been a whole slew of interesting sites that have come to my attention. Because of this and my lack of time, I have a stock pile of things that I am very excited about and want to share, hence this post. Feel free to let me know about any cool sites or resources that you have encountered that you think may be helpful as well. (more…)

Terrible Logo Design

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Hard to believe I know, but some people actually think that logos (like the one above are a good idea. Worse yet, some one was paid to create that. Hah! Of course I have been at the other end of the magnifying glass and when you have been working very closely on a specific piece of art, you can miss the bigger picture. But with that one really I think that you need to have been sleeping or something. I mean get up to go for refresh the coffee and when you come back, blam! There it is staring at you…