Weird Al Was Born That Way…

Weird Al as Lady GagaWell done! The parody music video of Lady Gaga’s I Was Born This Way (seen below) is just so spot on. Ever since I was very young I loved Weird Al’s renditions of pop culture songs. From Gangsters Paradise, to Eat It and White and Nerdy, even that Achy Breaky Song. Well Weird Al has now turned his sights to the Lady of the hour, Gaga… I should probably start out by saying that I actually like Lady Gaga’s music, it is catchy, fun and makes you want to move, but that is just me. Check out what Weird Al thinks about it.

I am not sure if you have heard at all about the “drama” behind this video, but Weird Al released a sound bit of this piece a month or so back since he was told that Lady Gaga was against the video and did not want him using her music. Of course as soon as Weird Al released the song and the news that he was not going to be able to include it in his album or make a video, Gaga came out saying that it was her publicist that that made the decision and not her, as she is totally fine with the idea…hence the above video. Check out the full story on Weird Al’s Blog.

Drama aside, I love Weird Al’s parody! How awesome is the line “I’m so completely original my new look is all the rage” (as a Madonna look alike comes on screen). Love it!


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