Smashing Magazine has this fabulous article about typography called Web Typography: Educational Resources, Tools and Techniques that I thought I would share. This article, or really a compilation of articles, does a wonderful job covering all things typography. From creating typefaces to designing with type to web type techniques, the article has it all. It is definitely worth the time to at least browse though it. Here are a few of the links from the article that I think are particularly useful/interesting:

Lettering.js: This jQuery plug-in will allow far greater control over your web fonts much like you would have in the print world.

Awesome Fontstacks: This is a neat resource that helps to build a type hierarchy and commit it to CSS all in one.

Origin of Fonts: This article goes over the origin of the “World’s Most Important Typefaces”, which is pretty cool.

Creating a Font: Did you ever want to know how to create your own Font? Well this article does a good job of telling you just how to do it.

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