Afro vs. Dreads, Bob Ross Meets His Match!

Who didn’t love watching Bob Ross paint “happy little trees” and scratch his brush around on PBS making beautiful landscapes before your eyes? I always found it pretty amazing how easy he made it look to make a these painting, and the afro was pretty incredible too. The photo above is not one of Bob’s works though, rather it is a work by Fabian Gaete Maureira, a street painter in Santiago, Chile. Maureira would have totally schooled Bob, and whats more is he primarily uses his fingers. As if the final product and method is not impressive enough, he creates these works of art in under 3 minutes! Here is a video of Maureira at work:

That is pretty wild! I have no idea he he gets so much diversity of “stroke” in there using just this fingers, especially with the trees. If you want to learn more about Maureira, you can view his web site Arte100cia (it is all in Spanish though…).

I always find street artists one of the most amazing parts of my travels. Have you seen any that are particularly interesting?

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