Victoria Secret Takes Weight Loss to the Next Level

Want to look sexy with your close on? Well Victoria Secret advertises this super sexy form fitting Polo that will do just that. Simply by wearing it, the pounds evaporate. I mean look at this boarder line emaciated model. Ill bet she did not think that even she would shed pounds when she put the shirt on…say an arms worth?

Well wasn’t she surprised when it literally took her arm off?!?! Oh no wait, I guess that was probably the Photoshop tech who does not seem to understand the “anatomy of a woman”. Clearly that guy was fired as if you visit the site now an awkward arm has been place back up there… Check out this launch vs. now comparison:

Not to be vulgar, but that is the sharpest breast that I have ever seen. Like seriously ninja sword sharp. Watch out now! Oh photoshop, making Victoria’s Secret look bad…

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